Now This is How You Ride the Bus

It was on this day last year that the tensions between the City and Guelph Transit workers was finally resolved after a protracted and antagonistic negotiation that culminated in a lockout of the bus drivers and mass disruption to the lives of bus users. One of the problems with the way transit is run in this city, from both the point of view of management and the point of view that those that have the option to not use transit, is that taking the bus is only a grueling, uncomfortable experience. Well, at least the City of Edmonton is looking to change that opinion.

The below campaign is actually based on an award-winning one developed in Denmark, but you have to like its message that taking the bus can be a fun experience, and that public transit can be sold in a way not dissimilar from all those airline ads that advertise great service and wonderful amenities. That’s likely not the reality on most transit systems, but to me this is very aspirational. Should this not be something we aim for with our public transit system by putting on its best face? You be the judge.

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