PRESS RELEASE – Tree Removal and Replacement on Carden St

In local plant news, it seems that some of the tress along Carden Street have been suffering from a bit too much water. Despite the persistent dryness during this past month of May, it seems that too much watering has caused the death of several trees along Carden Street. The cause of that is a matter being further examined by the city, in the meantime though, the trees will be removed and replaced starting sometime in the immediate future.
Here’s the press release from the City of Guelph:

Guelph, ON, May 28, 2015 – City staff will be removing and replanting street trees along Carden Street this summer.

Staff will be marking the ten remaining dead or dying red maple trees along Carden Street with orange X’s later this week, and plan to remove the trees in early June to prepare the street for new plantings. It is expected that new street trees will be planted in late June.

On May 20, one of the 11 street trees was removed to test the tree pit and determine the cause of the tree’s decline. It was found that the tree roots were exposed to too much water. The cause of the excess water is currently being investigated.

“We cannot assume all 11 trees along Carden Street are suffering from the same problem,” explains Timea Filer, urban forestry field technologist. “The City will remove the remaining trees to inspect each tree pit and root system and diagnose the problem for each tree location. Once mitigation measures are determined for all tree locations new trees will be planted.”

Staff investigate several potential causes for tree decline, including:

  • Too much/too little water;
  • Irrigation system operation;
  • Tree species selection;
  • Environmental conditions of planting spots;
  • Nursery stock condition; and,
  • Planting techniques.

Following tree removals, tree pits will be securely covered with a grate and metal plate, as well as an orange traffic cone to mark the temporary trip hazard.

“We hope to replace the trees as quickly as possible, and with the least disruption to downtown merchants, patrons and parking,” adds Filer.

Tree removal and replacement work will be scheduled early in the day to minimize impacts on the downtown.

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