OPIRG Guelph Organizing Local Protest Againt Bill C-51

Guelph doesn’t get out and protest in quite the same way it used to, but maybe the city’s activist community were all waiting for the right cause to march against. The Guelph chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group is rallying the local opposition to Bill C-51 to do the Royal City’s part in the National Day of Action against the proposed anti-terror legislation.

So if you’re feeling particularly incredulous about the expanding power of security agencies without oversight, you now have something to do Saturday evening.

The march will follow Saturday’s portion of OPIRG-Guelph’s Social and Environmental Justice Symposium. Those wanting to participate will meet in Branion Plaza at the north end of the University Centre, and from there, protesters will march towards downtown and City Hall where the rally will wrap up.

According to OPIRG, you should march because:

This bill is going to affect literally everyone in the country. But most of all, it will affect people who are not Canadian citizens such as Immigrant and Migrant folks, as well as Indigenous peoples, Muslims, any oppressed or marginalized group, journalists, progressive free thinkers, hackers, radicals and anyone who isn’t white.

We are demanding the government withdraw Bill C-51 and that any subsequent legislation be met with full transparency and rigorous public dialogue prior to being tabled. We are also calling on more M.P.s to wake up to the true nature of this bill, to defend their constituents and speak out against it.

For more information, you can join OPIRG’s Facebook event.

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