Mail I Don’t Miss Getting

Making the rounds on social media today was the above photograph of a flyer sent out by Elmwood-Transcona MP Lawrence Toet to people in his riding that asked in Canada’s battle against ISIS and other Islamic militants, do you agree with Toet that action must be taken, or do you disagree and think that the terrorists are victims? This, my friends, is a loaded question, but if it seems at all familiar to you, that’s because it we in Guelph used to get many of the very same kind of flyers in the mail.

Remember getting pieces of mail like this?

Between 2008 and 2011 it seemed like not a month went by without getting something like this from one of the area Members of Parliament from the Conservative government, in this case Cambridge MP Gary Goodyear. Basically, they would offer the same loaded question, albeit to a less extreme, lopsided degree. Note here how it tells you how the government is acting on the issue the flyer addresses, and then asks you who’s right despite the fact that it does not reveal any similar plans on the part of the leaders who are listed alongside Stephen Harper. (Also, notice the subtle positioning of “Check one.”)

When the fracas over Toet’s mail out hit social media today, it brought back memories of mail outs that would regularly come to my house in years gone by, and I couldn’t think of an occasion in the last few years where we’ve received one of these in the mailbox. Hm, I wonder what happened after the last election that might make the Conservative Party stop trying to appeal to Guelphites? Or I could be wrong? If you’re reading this and you still get mail outs like the one above, feel free to leave a comment below.

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