Bell and Van Hellemond Confirm Re-Election Bids

The final two questions marks on the current city council have been erased today with Ward 1’s Bob Bell and Ward 2’s Andy Van Hellemond both filing their papers to run for re-election in the October 27 Municipal Election. Bell and Van Hellemond were the last two undeclared members of council, which regardless of whether or not all the incumbents are re-elected next month will see a serious turnover of new faces at the first council meeting in November.

Here’s who currently on council is running this fall, and who’s not running.

Running for Re-Election

Karen Farbridge (Mayor)
Bob Bell (Ward 1)
Andy Van Hellemond (Ward 2)
June Hofland (Ward 3)
Maggie Laidlaw (Ward 3)
Leanne Piper (Ward 5)
Todd Dennis (Ward 6)
Karl Wettstein (Ward 6)

Leaving at End of Term

Jim Furfaro (Ward 1)
Ian Findlay (Ward 2)
Gloria Kovach (Ward 4)
Lise Burcher (Ward 5)

Running for Different Office

Cam Guthrie (Ward 4 to Mayor)

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