Furfaro Decides to Not Run for Re-Election

Another one bites the dust? Perhaps a cruel (or cruelly funny) way of putting that, but in week that’s already seen two incumbent councillors decline the chance to run for re-election, first-term Ward 1 Councillor Jim Furfaro has decided to join them. All eyes now turn to Furfaro’s Ward 1 colleague Bob Bell, will Bell ring up a re-election push, or has he tolled for the end of his time on city council?

Furfaro, who was an educator and principal in his past life, has opted retirement from politics in favour of more family time.”The first thing I had to give up time with was within my family circle,” he told the Guelph Mercury.

“To be able to make decisions on behalf of the constituents and on behalf of the city is an awesome privilege,” he added, saying that he expects he’ll still be involved in local politics in some way even if it is from the sidelines. “I think the experience affords me the opportunity to still provide a level of service without wearing the councillor’s hat.”

Along with Bell, the only other current member of council that has yet to declare their intentions to run again or not is Ward 2’s Andy Van Hellemond. Ian Findlay and Lise Burcher both stepped down earlier this week.

To date, the Ward 1 slate is made up of three candidates: Terry O’Connor, Dan Gibson and Karolyne Pickett, which is far cry from the 12 that ran in 2010.
Nominations for all election positions close on September 12.

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