MEETING PREVIEW: Committee of Adjustment Meeting for April 13, 2023

It’s quite the laundry list of requested variances at this month’s Committee of Adjustment meeting from accessory apartments to extra space to land severances and finally, good good old fashioned clerical oversight. About a dozen different matters will be before the committee this month so let’s not waste any more time and dive into the slate coming soon at a city council chambers near you.

NOTE #1: This meeting will hybrid in format, available on the City of Guelph live stream, but you can also appear in-person at the council chambers in 1 Carden Street.

NOTE #2: If you would like to delegate on one of these matters, or submit a written comment, you have until Wednesday April 12 at noon to get in touch with committee staff at cofa [at], or by calling 519-822-1260 extension 2524.

NOTE #3: The meeting begins at 4 pm.

A-12/23 21 Dublin Street South – The project is straightforward, but the process is what’s complicated. The property owner wants to tear down the house currently there and build a new house, but in order to do that the plan needs variances for setbacks on all sides of the new house and some encroachments on the lot line. This item was pulled from the agenda prior to last month’s meeting.

A-17/23 77 Foster Avenue – The property owner is adding a partial third storey to an already existing house, but it needs a variance for setbacks since the structure is adding height beyond the regulated two storeys.

A-18/23 12 Terry Boulevard – The variance requested here comes down to a metre. The owner is looking to construct a detached garage at the back portion of the property that’s 4.63 metres tall, but the regulations only allow up to 3.6 metres for an accessory building.

A-19/23 201 Elmira Road South – This application is for one of the buildings on the site of the big development at Elmira and Paisley. The developer is asking for two minor variances including a change to the angular plane to 59 degrees versus the allowed maximum of 45 degrees and a change to the grading near the front entrance.

A-20/23 423 Woolwich Street – This building, which is presently home to a couple of different offices and a fourplex, will be getting a third storey if they secure a couple of variances, which will raise the number of available units to 10. The requested variances include some changes to the allowed setbacks given that this is going from a two to three storey building, plus some changes to the sight line.

A-21/23 51 Woodlawn Road West – While this multi-unit commercial building is zoned for a wide variety of businesses, but one of the ones not covered is “Animal Care Establishment”. The variance being requested here is an allowance for just that sort of business, and no other physical changes to the property, building exterior or parking lot are being requested.

A-22/23 88 McCann Street – This is a relatively simple request for a reduction to the rear yard setback in order to build an accessory apartment on the property.

A-23/23 139 Victoria Road South – Nothing new is being added to this property, but rather the variance request is for a reduced side yard setback meant to cover work already done on the property.

A-24/23 390 York Road – This gas station on York Road is looking for a bit of a revamp by putting a canopy over the gas bars at the front of the property. Sounds simple, but in order to create that canopy, the committee needs to issue a couple of adjustments including increased front yard coverage and increased height.

B-5/23 A-25/23 8 Lynwood Avenue – The request here is to sever the property in order to create a new parcel of land that can be developed for residential purposes. The severance will create some issues with the side yard setback, which will be smaller than they’re supposed to be, and the new property will technically be an Edinburgh Road address.

A-26/23 192 Arthur Street North – The house sits at the corner of Arthur and Norwich, and the homeowner would like to take the back half of the building and add an extra story. Since the building is technically a legal non-conforming use on the property, they need to get Committee of Adjustment’s approval to make any changes even if they’re not seeking any new variances or zoning changes.

A-27/23 85 Cork Street West – On this property already is legal non-conforming triplex, but the property owner is looking to make some changes. The front portion is going to be rebuilt, and a new second storey is going to be added to the back unit, and to get there some variances for the side and rear yard are being specifically requested. There’s also a request to approve a variance for one off-street parking space, since a project like these technically require three.

Appointment of Deputy Secretary-Treasurer –Committee will vote to elevate Andrew Sandor from his current position as the council and committee assistant to the new position of deputy secretary-treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment.


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