MEETING PREVIEW: Accessibility Advisory Committee for December 20, 2022

In the last official City of Guelph committee function of 2022, the Accessibility Advisory Committee will meet for the first time this term to talk about a couple of pressing issues and do some orientation. After all the pressure to be as accessible as possible in this year’s local election, staff will talk about their results, and the committee will also hear from different staff members about a matter of play.

NOTE #1: This meeting will take place in Meeting Room B at City Hall, but you can also watch it on video via Microsoft Teams. (Find the link on the meeting agenda.)

NOTE #2: The meeting begins at 3 pm and is expected to wrap up around 5 pm.

Orientation of Accessibility Advisory Committee Members – Since this is the first meeting of the term for the committee, it makes sense then that the first half would be dedicated to orientation for new and old committee members. Dylan McMahon from the clerks office, plus Board and Committee Co-ordinator Elizabeth Barber and Accessibility Co-ordinator Leanne Warren will be on-hand.

Annual Play Equipment Lifecycle Project Process Review and 2023 Early Engagement – Picking up from a conversation at the August meeting of the committee, staff will talk about plans for new playground equipment in 20223 including new and improved ways to consult with the AAC.

Among those changes is reviewing the design process to include insights from a document called “Creating Inclusive Playgrounds” and a move to modify planning timelines to bring the AAC into the consultation process earlier. Along with the AAC feedback, staff will report that the design for the new playgrounds will taking into account the Rick Hansen Foundation’s “Let’s Play; Creating Accessible Play Spaces”, and “Children’s Play Spaces and Equipment; a National Standard of Canada” among others.

Review of Post Municipal Election Accessibility Report – There were a number of initiatives to make this recent municipal election as accessible as possible, and members of the clerks office will discuss the results of their efforts, what feedback they’ve gathered and how they hope to do things different next time.

In terms of notes from this last election, the clerks said in a report that vote by mail was successful but “more time consuming than we predicted”, that vote from home was used by 11 people in seven locations, and that Braille sleeves were not received in time for the election. The most common pieces of feedback were to make signage better at all locations and that online voting is a preferred method of voting. and the clerks note that they will be considering that for 2026.

They’re also looking at more training for staff on accessible voting equipment and making City Hall a “super poll” where anyone can vote from anywhere in the city with all accessible services available in one place.


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