CITY PAGES: Snow, Speeding, and No Changing of the Guard at UGDSB

The City of Guelph puts out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…?

Are We Going Too Fast on Area Roads?

That’s a question that’s pre-occupying a lot of people’s minds these days, so the City of Guelph is asking people to fill out a short quiz. From now until November 30, the City would like your feedback on the effects of speeding on road safety, making the streets safer for all travellers, ways to encourage drivers to slow down, and speed limits on residential streets. The information gathered will be incorporated into the Community Road Safety Strategy.

Dr. Rogers Delaying Retirement from Upper Grand Board

Whatever retirement plans that Martha Rogers had for the end of the year have had to be postponed till the end of next summer because she’s agreed to stay on as the Upper Grand District School Board’s Director of Education until August 2021. It’s a position that Rogers has served in since 1995, part of her 46 years of service in the education field, but even all that experience did not fully prepare her for the challenges that this year presented. “Whether you have been serving as a Director for 25 weeks or 25 years, this pandemic has brought challenges to all school boards,” said Rogers in a statement. “This has been a very difficult time to many in our communities. Working with our education partners, we will work to meet the challenges we continue to face.”

New Design for Dallan Subdivision Park Released

The City of Guelph has unveiled the new design for the park that will be built at 158 Poppy Drive East that will include playground equipment, shade, picnic tables, gardens, and a half-court basketball set-up. The park will also feature a trail connection to Clair Road East. The plans for the park can be seen here. “We were able to use feedback from 126 people who participated in engagement to create a park that will work perfectly for this neighbourhood,” said parks planner Jyoti Pathak in a statement. “The final design is a space designed for the community, by the community.”

In one further bit of public engagement, the City of Guelph is looking for suggestions for park and trail names, and you can post your suggestion here until November 20. Construction on the park should begin by June 2021.

City Promotes Snow Removal and Bad Puns

The City of Guelph says their winter preparation plans are “snow joke” as they look ahead to the ice and snow. The City reminds everyone that there are two types of responses to a snow event, there’s normal winter maintenance with sanding and salting, and then there are major weather events that require plow outs whenever there’s 10 centimetres of snow of more. The City is also asking residents to be patient after a snowfall, as it will take up to 48 hours after a storm to clear the roads, and up to 72 hours to clear all 660 kilometres of sidewalks in the Royal City. And when the snow falls, you can follow the City’s fleet of plows on the City of Guelph website.

Overnight Parking Restrictions Begin at End of Month

Since we’re talking about snow, it seems like a good time to remind everyone that overnight on-street parking restrictions begins on December 1. No overnight parking is allowed on City streets, including downtown, between the hours of 2 and 6 am unless they’re in a signed area that says differently. Parking tickets can put car owners out of $35 each time, and a vehicle can be towed at the owner’s expense.

Guelph Arts Council Splits This Year’s Jane Graham Award

This year’s Jane Graham Memorial Award, named in honour of local artist Jane Graham who unexpectedly passed away in March 2005, is going to two people. On the one hand, there’s Anita Cazzola who’s creating a series of natural dyes from plants at the old Lafarge site, and on the other hand there’s Abby Nowakowski who’s adding digital illustrations to her ample experience drawing the old fashioned way. “Both Guelph Arts Council and the jury panel were extremely pleased with the applications for the 2020 Jane Graham Memorial Award. They were also impressed with the various, interesting opportunities that artists are seeking to help them meet the challenge of successfully practising art during a pandemic,” said the Guelph Arts Council media release.

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