Because You Demanded it, WiFi is Now Available on GO Transit

Although GO Transit is not up to its usual capacity these days, the Government of Ontario is incentivizing the ride by offering something they’ve never offered on GO Trains or Buses before, WiFi. Starting today, Metrolinx is following through on their promise to make passengers more connected on their journey with free access to the internet.

“More than 80 per cent of GO customers named WiFi as their most desired amenity, and our government is committed to make life easier for the people of Ontario by keeping commuters connected throughout their journey,” said Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney in an announcement. “This initiative will make an important difference as it will help people work more efficiently, finish school projects or get important news and updates from family and friends.”

In an announcement last fall, the Government of Ontario signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to hook up all 1,475 GO vehicles to the internet in 2020. Implementation seemed to be delayed, but now that the process has begun only half of all GO trains will still travel WiFi-free for the time being. Each GO user will be allowed 10 MB per trip for a four-hour period, but PRESTO card users will get 50 MB.

WiFi on public transit systems is still hit and miss. Some services like Megabus has WiFi available on their vehicles, and VIA Rail also has WiFi available in their trains and at some stations. Select Greyhound buses also have WiFi, but it is not universally available throughout their system.

Riders will be able to tell if their GO vehicle has available WiFi through public announcements, decals and notices. The implementation process is expected to be completed by sometime in early 2021.

“With hundreds of entertainment options to choose from, GO Wi-Fi Plus is more than just Wi-Fi, and will make the onboard experience even more convenient and enjoyable for customers,” said Metrolinx President and CEO Phil Verster. “We are so excited to bring GO Wi-Fi Plus to our customers on our buses and trains.”

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