City Moves Water Restrictions Up to Level Yellow

As we’re about to head into the “dog days of August,” the City of Guelph is raising it’s water restriction level to 1 yellow, meaning that residents have to be even more cautious about their water use in the days, and likely weeks, to come.

“Despite last night’s rain, the hot, dry summer weather has caught up with us,” said Heather Yates, Supervisor of Water Efficiency in a media release. “Early morning and late day watering happens to be the best time of day to keep plants hydrated through this dry time. Our hope is we get the rain forecast over the next few days and see conditions improve.”

At level 1 yellow, lawn watering is restricted to 7-9 am and 7-9 pm on odd or even calendar dates by address number—odd-numbered houses can water on odd-numbered dates and even-numbered houses on even dates.

According to Water Services staff, the current forecast of hot and dry conditions, plus sparse rainfall, means that they have to act cautiously to protect Guelph’s water resources. You can still water your garden, and the kids can still enjoy running through the sprinkler, and you can still wash your car, but only if you have a shut-off nozzle and a bucket. No letting the hose run.

“Having the outside water use program reminds us to be cautious with our water use throughout the dry months of summer,” added Yates. “We’re thankful for the participation of our residents and businesses who help us conserve water, both outside and inside, to ensure a sustainable water supply.”

While spring rains have resulted in record high levels in many of Ontario’s lakes and rivers, including the Great Lakes, Guelph is the largest community in Canada to get its water exclusively from ground water resources.

The water restrictions are enforceable through by-law, but for tips and advise on conserving water, you can visit the City’s website here.

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