City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the May 27 Meeting?

As May comes to an end, City Council will hear about potential new affordable housing developments, an update on the Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Bylaw, and a special resolution that should generate a lot of discussion.

IDE-2019-60 Funding Requests from the Affordable Housing Reserve to Support Applications to the National Housing Co-Investment Fund – As you may know, the City has an Affordable Housing Reserve fund, which has a present balance of over $1.2 million. Meanwhile, the Federal government has established the National Housing Co-Investment Fund, which provides $5.19 billion for loans and $2.26 billion for capital contributions to build affordable hosing. Two developments are looking to tap into those funds to build some new affordable housing, but it will require a commitment from the City that would essentially deplete the Affordable Housing Reserve.

Rockwater on Janefield Inc. is looking to build a rental apartment development at 233 Janefield that will consist of 165 rental apartment units composed of 33 one-bedroom units, 110 two-bedroom units and 22 three-bedroom units. All these units will be affordable for a period of at least 20 years or more (“affordable” in this instance meaning 8 per cent of market value). Meanwhile, St. Joseph’s Housing Corporation has a proposal for a townhouse and apartment development at 120 Westmount Road. This development will feature 115 rental units for seniors composed of 28 townhouse units and 87 apartment units. Of the 115, 56 per cent of them, or 65 units, will be listed as affordable units with a price point set at 79 per cent of market value. Of the 65 affordable units, 55 will be one-bedroom, and 10 will be two-bedroom.

Both projects are in the process of putting their planning proposals together, and as the staff report notes, these would be the first affordable primary units to be built in Guelph in the last decade.

IDE-2019-45 New Outdoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub By-Law – Since the Committee of the Whole meeting at the beginning of the month, staff have provided an additional memo concerning the issue of sliding door alarms. Apparently, certain models of door alarms come with a secondary bypass button that can be mounted 1.4 metres above the ground, out of the reach of children, so that the alarm doesn’t go off as people frequently use the door, or if it remains open during a party or something. So staff is recommending the following addition to the new bylaw: “Has a deactivation button on each of the interior and exterior side of the opening to deactivate the alarm, each located at least 1.4 m above the interior finished floor surface”

SPECIAL RESOLUTIONS – As announced at Committee of the Whole earlier this month, Ward 2 City Councillor James Gordon is looking to revisit last year’s Community Energy Initiative Update by passing a motion to reconsider the last term’s passage of the City’s direction to go to Net Zero and 100 per cent Renewable by 2050. If the motion to reconsider is successful, Gordon and Ward 5 Councillor Leanne Piper will make a motion to set a new deadline of 2035 to move to 100 per cent Renewable and Net Zero, and will direct staff to bring forward a report on how to achieve that by the second quarter of 2020.

Consent Agenda from Committee of the Whole on May 6:

IDE-2019-21 Sign By-Law Variances – 950 Paisley Road
IDE-2019-48 Sign By-law Variances – 630 Scottsdale Drive
IDE-2019-43 2018 Building Permit Revenue and Expenditures, Building Services OBC Stabilization Reserve Fund and Annual Setting of Building Permit Fees
IDE-2019-52 Solid Waste Management Master Plan Advisory Committee
IDE-2019-47 Community Energy Initiative Update: Pathway to Net Zero Carbon
IDE-2019-44 Corporate 100 per cent Renewable Energy Target by 2050
CS-2019-11 2018 Year-end Operating Variance Report and Surplus Allocation
CS-2019-12 2018 Year-end Capital Variance Report
CS-2019-56 Dividend Allocation Policy

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