City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 11 Meeting?

Council gathers for its second planning meeting of the year, and will look at one new planning proposal, and the final version of the new framework for Development Charges.

CS-2019.03 2018 Development Charges Background Study and 2019 Development Charges By-law – Council will make a final decision on the changes to the Development Charges Bylaw, which was previously discussed at a special council meeting on January 21. It’s the same deal as originally revealed with the exception of the University of Guelph’s exemption to DCs, which was set at 25 per cent in the original document, but has now been reset back to 100.

IDE-2019-09 Statutory Public Meeting Report 85 and 927 Victoria Road South Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment File: 0ZS18-007 Wards 5 and 6 – Presently, these two plots of land north of MacAlister Blvd empty. Sitting right up next to the eastern edge of the city limits, they soon might end up being a high density development made up of stacked houses and apartment units. There are two possible options, low and high. On the low end, the developer could build 367 dwelling units comprised of 156 stacked townhouse units and 211 apartment units, and on the high end they could build 400 dwelling units comprised of 108 stacked townhouse units and 292 apartment units. The Torrance Creek Wetlands are on the northern most end of the site, so part of the planning proposal is to rezone 0.53 hectares separately as “Conservation Land” (P.1). This is the statutory public meeting for this development proposal.

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