City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 16 Meeting?

In what might be the biggest piece of the annual budget, City Council will hear about where Guelph’s Capital spending will go in 2019 and beyond…

CS-2019-02 2019-2028 Capital Budget and Forecast – For 2019, the City of Guelph is looking at a Capital Budget of $87,370,100, while the 10-year Capital Forecast for 2020 to 2028 will come out to a whopping $1,662,473,240.

For the $87 million to be spent in 2019 though, look for two-thirds, 67 per cent, to be spent on infrastructure renewal, 24 per cent to be spent on growth, and nine per cent to go to city building.

About half of the 2019 spending will be directed towards Water and Wastewater Services, with an additional $14 million going to Transportation Systems. Amounts between $3 million and $8 million will be spread to half-a-dozen different areas including Emergency Services, Recreation, and Solid Waste.

Looking closer at the various Capital projects, the City will spend $3.3 million on contaminated sites, specifically on the re-development of brownsites within the bounds of Downtown Guelph in order to assist in intensification.

Over $8 million will be spent in 2019 on Corporate Projects. That includes planning initiatives like a review of the Official Plan, asset management initiatives, and action plans on Urban Design, Natural Heritage, and Cultural Heritage. Parts of this funding will also go to fleet vehicles and technology upgrades.

In Emergency Services, nearly $5 million will go to identifying growth needs for Fire, Paramedic and Police Services, specifically, the location of future paramedic stations, and an Emergency Services training facility, which is is expected to be built in 2028.

Almost $8 million will go to Open Spaces, Recreation, Culture & Library. Under this portfolio, the funding will go to planning for the South End Community Centre, construction on which will begin in 2020, as well as the renewal of playground equipment, new trail construction, new technology, refreshing the permanent exhibits in the Civic Museum, and new equipment for the River Run Centre and Sleeman Centre. Of course, the planning for the new main branch of the Library will also be ongoing.

Solid Waste will spend $3.1 million on new vehicles and equipment, along with some growth related planning and construction.

Stormwater will be spending $4.6 million on the Stormwater Management Master Plan starting in 2019, and will be moving forward with management pond retrofits and rehabilitation, reline and repair to the storm sewers, and a city-wide river outlet repair and replacement program.

With over $14.5 million budgeted, there’s a lot of spending needed under Transportation Systems, as this includes everything related to traffic, parking, and public transit. On the roads, look for the widening of Speedvale to begin, as well as maintenance and improvements to traffic signals, intersections, and pedestrian crossings. Ahead of everything though, “Road rehabilitation program focused on highest priority.” There will also be ongoing investment in the Active Transportation Network, expansion and replacement of Transit buses, and planning for the Baker Street parkade along with renewal and upgrades to other parking facilities.

Wastewater will spend $13.1 million on improving sewer capacity, energy efficiency upgrades, developing the Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Master Plan update, and continuing to find ways to the optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment plant.

And finally, Water Services will get $27.4 million for a wide variety of new and continuing endeavours. The Water Supply Master Plan and Water Linear Servicing Strategy will be updated, water supply exploration studies to support growth at Logan and Guelph South test wells will be undertaken, and design and planning will begin for the Clythe Well Water Treatment plant. Also, upgrades to the Paisley and University Well stations will be complete, aged infrastructure will be replaced as co-ordinated with Transportation Services projects, and planning will begin on servicing the new Baker Street redevelopment.

In one last piece of bookkeeping, staff is asking council to recommend a motion be referred to the March 2 meeting that all on-going dividend revenues from Alectra or Guelph Junction Railway be deposited into the City’s Infrastructure Renewal Reserve Fund until sustainable funding levels have been achieved.

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