City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the July 23 Meeting?

In the last council meeting before the summer break, and the penultimate meeting of this council before the election, we’ve got one word for you: plastics.

CLOSED MEETING: Dolime Quarry – Mediation Update

Plastic Free Guelph presentation by Shayne Douglas Ward, Executive DirectorAs you may have heard, Plastic Free Guelph is looking to get city council to pass a bylaw to ban single-use plastic grocery bags. Ward is bringing a ton of background information with him, and a pledge from over 1,700 signatories on a petition that they’re behind the effort. The timeline from Plastic Free Guelph will see municipal election candidates take place in a forum on the environment and climate change during September to help raise awareness and discuss the issue. The next phase after that will be public engagement starting in the new year, and a build up of support for the measure, which Plastic Free is hoping will be in place by Earth Day 2019. Also attached to the package is the bylaw passed this year by the city council of Victoria, B.C., which initiated a six-month phase out of single-use plastic grocery bags starting on July 1.

Special Resolution – The motion from Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson and Mayor Cam Guthrie about suspending certain provisions of the zoning bylaw concerning driveway width will be voted on at the September 10 meeting of council with the approval of city councillors.

Items from the Committee of the Whole Meeting on July 3:

CAO-2018-23 CAO Annual Update to Council
CS-2018-54 2018-2019 Council and Committee Meeting Schedule
IDE-2018-95 Sign By-Law Variances – 26 Clair Road West
IDE-2018-96 Sign By-Law Variances – 465 Woodlawn Road West
IDE-2018-97 Sign By_law Variances – 197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard
CS-2018-34 Multi-Year Budget Processes

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