Committee of the Whole Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 5 Meeting?

For February, it’s Corporate Services and Public Services month at Committee-of-the-Whole, kicking off what’s going to be a very busy month in the council chambers.

CS-2018.04 Delegation of Authority, Property Assessment and Taxation – In an effort to streamline management and create efficiencies for council, staff is suggesting a further four responsibilities that can be transferred to staff under council oversight. For instance, the Assessment Review Officer, Corporate Analyst-Property Assessment, a Legal Services representative, or the Manager of Taxation and Revenue must attend all settlement mediations by the Assessment Review Board (ARB) as the City’s representative. Other changes include delegating authority to the City Treasurer and the Manager of Taxation and Revenue to handle failed tax sale properties, handle taxation/assessment Municipal Act application or Request for Reconsideration or appeals with the ARB, and sign any document relation to the collection of property taxes and assessments.

CS-2018-05 2018 Tax Bill Layout – It was requested that staff look at the possibility of including the cumulative contribution to the Dedicated Infrastructure Levy on the tax bill residents receive. Now, there are some regulations that govern what information *has* to be on your tax bill when you receive it every year, but in the interest of clarity on the main form, staff is recommending that it should remain as it is right now with the break down of municipal, educational, and infrastructure contributions for that year. Instead, the tax bill will include an insert that will give you a breakdown of how your tax contribution is spent.

PS-2018.02 The Elliott Community, Consent to Obtain External Financing – The Elliott Community needs some repairs, and it’s looking to borrow $2 million from an outside lender, in this case the Royal Bank, in order to complete them. Why borrow from RBC? Well, if the Elliott borrows against its own pre-approved line of credit, then the cost of servicing that credit would be more expensive than a loan. Why not borrow from the City itself? Well, the Elliott is an arm length agency and it wants to keep that length between it and the City. The City will however guarantee the loan, which will pay $750,000 for roof replacement, $600,000 for sprinklers, $270,000 for general repairs, $210,000 for equipment purchases, $100,000 for hand rails, and $70,000 for new heat and smoke detectors.

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