LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for December 18, 2017

Only a couple of items are on the agenda for council’s consideration before the Christmas break. You can click here for the agenda from City Hall, and you can click here for the Politico preview. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.


Guelph City Council Meeting – December 18, 2017

Live blog from the meeting starting at 6:30 pm

  1. Mayor Guthrie announces good evening, but before the meeting is called to order… A musical number!
  2. A sample of The Baker’s Dozen, who are making their annual Christmas appearance at #Guelph city…

    A sample of The Baker’s Dozen, who are making their annual Christmas appearance at #Guelph city… 
  3. Baker’s Dozen will now do O Canada to start meeting right.
  4. Guthrie notes that the City will making a donation to the charity supported by the Baker’s Dozen called Harmonized for Speech. With that, the Baker’s Dozen shuffle off into the night…
  5. No Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof.
  6. Cllr Gibson moves approval of the minutes from the November 13 meeting and onward. Passes 12-0 (Cllr Salisbury seems absent)
  7. All the consent items are moved. No further discussion here on the part of council. Passes 12-0.
  8. Gibson asked to pull Commercial Policy Review from report for information to council. Gibson says after talking to staff, the issue will be explored more holistically at the January Committee-of-the-Whole meeting. So only one item left on the agenda.
  9. One item left. Bill Green of the Springfield Golf and Country Club discussing the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan. Green was the consultant brought in to plan the golf course, and has a bone to pick with a presentation on this at committee.
  10. Green takes exception that the gold course was authorized, and the area zoned for a golf course. It was not an “unauthorized” fill-in. It was done with all the appropriate approvals.
  11. Green recommends that council move forward with the approved Clair-Maltby plan.
  12. Apparently the are some efforts on the part of the golf course to promote conservation. The protection of some birds, local wetlands, and now, the growing of wild flowers. This is an answer to Cllr Allt’s question.
  13. Cllr Bell gets clarity. The province changed the protections of the wetland after the fill-in at the golf course? “Long after,” said Green. But there was not only filling, but some dredging too. There’s a greater degree of diversity now b/c of depth, he adds.
  14. Green says that delegate told committee that the golf course should be converted back to wetlands. Bell said he doesn’t remember that, but Green says check the video.
  15. Cllr Downer checks with staff to see if there’s any plan to remediate any wetlands in the secondary plan. Staff says there will be an evaluation of natural heritage, and enhancement of particular opportunity.
  16. Cllr Hofland asks if council can involved in giving feedback to the secondary plan. Staff says they’re looking to have a workshop with council and present them with the three options sometime in March. Hofland suggests a council tour around the property.
  17. Guthrie thanks council for the year, calling it a “roller coaster” and says council accomplished a lot, and they should be proud. Also thanks to staff for their support.
  18. The mayor also recognizes the community for all their delegating, and the crooked media for all their good work. Wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
  19. Meeting adjourned. Council will return on January 15 for more fun and excitement. Until then…

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