LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for April 10, 2017

It looks like a relatively brief agenda for the monthly planning meeting. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of tonight’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

Guelph City Council Meeting – April 10, 2017

Live blog from the meeting starting at 6:30 pm

  1. Meet adjourned. City Council next meets on April 24.
  2. Allt encourages everyone to sign their donor cards. It might mean someone’s life.
  3. Guthrie acknowledges that one of the bylaws passed appoints Tara Baker as City Treasurer, and James Krauter as Deputy.
  4. Guthrie adds this might be a good idea for civic accelerator.
  5. Allt retracts motion and offers new one that extends notice radius to 200m.
  6. Allt offers motion about extending notice, Salisbury notes that Gosling Gardens extends beyond Clair rd.
  7. Hofland wants staff to give developer a “nudge” to talk about affordable housing strategy.
  8. Van Hellemond said there was one done in 2012 and the counts in the evening were “substantial.”
  9. Van Hellemond asks when the last time Gordon St S had a traffic count
    Staff will follow up
  10. MacKinnon puts motion to receive on the floor. Billiings seconds.
  11. Bell says he’s losing his patience with the solid waste discussion. Wants to see exactly what’s going to happen.
  12. Bell says we don’t want to create a situation where there’s not cut-through traffic at Gosling Gardens. Also, no shadow studies.
  13. Staff adds that this is the start of the process. Council can direct staff to offer greater notification on this matter in the future.
  14. Staff says they also advertise in the @MercuryTribune, as per the Planning Act.
  15. Allt wonders if there are time “on the outskirts” where notification fall through the gap. Many houses concerned fall outside 120 m gap.
  16. Allt wonders if there are time “on the outskirts” where notification fall through the gap. Many houses concerned fall outside 120 m gap.
  17. That’s it for delegates. Qs from council coming forward now.
  18. Rachel is also adding her voice to opposition. Wants to know how many trees will be cut down, and concerned about traffic.
  19. There’s about 30-40 people in the audience for this meeting btw.
  20. Another complaint that they were not well informed about the planning meeting.
  21. “How much is enough?” she asks. All of young families, retired ppl in the area, she says.
  22. Jessie says her family left Toronto and Mississauga to have a private, quiet life.
  23. Guthrie asks for speakers from the floor. Jessie Yurig (sp?) steps up…
  24. Applause for Anderson as she wraps her presentation.
  25. Anderson also worried about “nuisance impacts”, loss of privacy on 2nd floors, health & safety concerns, more light, etc.
  26. Back to the development, Anderson’s concerned about the high-rises casting her neighbourhood in shadow half the year.
  27. Next up, Erica Anderson who lives to the immediate east of the development.
  28. Guthrie reminds the audience that anyone can come and speak at planning meetings after delegates.
  29. Allt asks Caravaggio about notification. He found out about the meeting and emailed Sat morning. Didn’t know he had to give advance notice
  30. The residents understand change is inevitable, but they want assurances that the roadways will be safe.
  31. Caravaggio says they just found about this meeting from one neighbour who was advised.
  32. Hofland asks if Caravaggio and his neighbours have had a meeting with developers.
  33. He’s concerned about traffic density going up for residents to the west of the development. Fear it will be a thruway to Clair.
  34. There’s a planned widening of Gordon to 4 lanes, not sure when.
  35. Bell asks how solid waste might be achieved on site. Tracer hasn’t met with solid waste yet, but plaining to include 3-stream.
  36. Cllr Gibson asks about the possibility of cogen. knowing it’s a touchy subject on council. (Cogeneration). Developer will have to come back
  37. Krista Walkey of Stantec Consulting now speaking on behalf of Tricar.
  38. Gordon also asks about affordable accommodations. There won’t be any.
  39. Gordon also asks about how 700 space will affect traffic. Those studies will also be coming back later.
  40. As for green space, there will be an amenity clause in the development to preserve some space.
  41. No exact number for trees yet, nor how they will be replaced.
  42. Cllr Gordon asks about the number of trees being taken down. 700?
  43. Plus, there will be a handful of townhouses facing Gordon St as well.
  44. The proposed development calls for 6 buildings in total including 2 high-rise apt bldgs/14 storeys max, a 10-storey bldg & two 4-storey bldg
  45. Presently it’s a big empty plot of land with only one dwelling built upon it.
  46. The Tricar Group is looking for a rezoning permit to construct high density housing to the tune of nearly 500 units at 1888 Gordon
  47. Next up: Public Meeting for 1888 Gordon St planned development.
  48. Demolition approved 12-1. But a snafu with the projection.
  49. Staff consider this a minor reduction in housing stock and don’t recommend refusal on this basis.
  50. Cllr Downer asks how planning policy conforms. 2 Buildings torn down, being replaced with 1.
  51. Staff: The usual process, reports are included.
  52. Bell asks about the process of removing the building from Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage properties.
  53. Cllr Bell has questions about 73-75 Essex St demolition. Was on the consent agenda.
  54. No Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof

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