Nathan Cullen Rallies Ideas to Push for Electoral Reform in Guelph

Nathan Cullen is traveling across the country to rally support for electoral reform, and with that as a goal, bringing his message to Guelph was the closest thing to a layup in modern politics. Nearly 100 people came to the Guelph Civic Museum Friday night to hear Cullen’s message, and if you couldn’t make it, now you can hear it too.

“I come with a message of hope [because] in 60 days we will have a vote on that committee’s report,” Cullen said. The report in question comes from the electoral reform parliamentary committee he was a part of. “We’ve not had a vote on this, [the Liberal] caucus has not had a vote on this, and yet that entire caucus campaigned on this promise just like prime minister did.”

Cullen’s looking for help to persuade 20 Liberal MPs, and he’s hoping Guelph’s representative Lloyd Longfield might be one of them, to vote in favour of the committee’s report. Doing that, he hopes, will demonstrate to Justin Trudeau that there’s still an appetite out in the country to keep his promise on electoral reform.

“I don’t know what’s in the air here, but I would suggest that something special happens here in Guelph around the issue of democratic rights, and if you’re not aware of it, you should cherish it,” Cullen said of his host. “You’ve got a civic activism here that is breathtaking and I watch what you do here and I’m amazed.”

You can listen to Cullen’s talk in its entirety below, and there will also be an interview with Cullen you can hear on Open Sources Guelph next Thursday.

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