LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for January 30, 2017

It’s the first city council meeting of the year, just in time for the end of January! You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of tonight’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

Guelph City Council Meeting – January 30, 2017

Live blog from the meeting starting at 6:30 pm

  1. The 1st city council meeting of 2017 starts in about 5 minutes. Live tweets will follow here and on Guelph Politico.
  2. Council has officially begun. Mayor Guthrie comments on #QuebecMosqueShooting before moment of silent reflection.
  3. Guthrie mentions the vigil at Muslim Soc. of #Guelph. Reads a statement he sent to the vigil organizers on “standing up to hatred”.
  4. “I want to assure you that #Guelph stands with its Muslim community at this terrible and uncertain time.” Mayor @CamGuthrie
  5. No disclosure of pecuniary interest of general nature thereof.
  6. First up: presentation of the United Way Spirit Award.
  7. Award was presented back in December, but Guthire wants to recognized the people involved. @PhilAlltWard3 was the chair.
  8. The @cityofguelph team that led the successful United Way campaign and won the public sector Spirit Award.

    The @cityofguelph team that led the successful United Way campaign and won the public sector Spirit Award.
  9. Minutes passed 11-0. (@M_Salisbury and Andy Van Hellemond not here tonight.)
  10. All consent items from consent items except Cork St sign bylaw, FCM nom, and Wettstein motion passed.
  11. Piper on consultation with staff. LED sign for Dental office on Cork will be shut off 9 pm to 7 am.
  12. An opening for the next several months on the Fed. of Canadian Municipalities Board of Directors. Guelph’s looking to submit nom.
  13. Guthrie offers to put his name forward. Cllr Downer makes a motion to nominate Guthrie.
  14. Between now and June there’s just only 1 meet, which will come off Mayor’s expenses (Cllr Billings asked about cost)
  15. Cllr Gordon asks about Guthrie plans post-June. If he gets on, he could stand for election again.
  16. Guthrie: There is caucus work between meetings, but its about advocacy, and Guthrie says he’d be an asset on FCM.
  17. Nomination of Mayor Guthrie to FCM Board position passes 11-0
  18. CAO Thomson offers update about charges and fees on Lowes Rd and Dawn Rd. Staff will be coming with report later this year.
  19. Concerns about whether or not improvement charges were paid from various lot owners. Reporting coming in February.
  20. Cllr Wettstein motion to review, analyze and bring forward an update on striking committee politics, process and renumeration.
  21. Billings amendment adding expenses passes. Wettstein’s main motion passes.
  22. Cllr Allt uses point of privilege to thank mayor and council for their well wishes. Also appreciates short meeting length tonight.

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