LIVE BLOG: State of the City Address 2017

State of the City 2017Mayor Cam Guthrie delivers the annual State of the City address this morning at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre on Stone Rd. The annual event hosted by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce is a chance to talk broadly about the City of Guelph commitments and priorities for the year ahead. So what will Guthrie commit to or share for 2017? Follow along on Twitter and Storify too.

State of the City 2017

Mayor Cam Guthrie delivers his speech at or around 8 am.

  1. Guelph State of the City Address 2016
  2. Looking forward to delivering my State of the City this morning! We have much to be proud of in #Guelph! @GuelphChamber #GuelphProud

    Looking forward to delivering my State of the City this morning! We have much to be proud of in #Guelph! @GuelphChamber #GuelphProud
  3. So why am I up this early? The annual state of the city address with @mayorcamguthrie at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre. Live blog starts soon on Guelph Politico.

    So why am I up this early? The annual state of the city address with @mayorcamguthrie at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre. Live blog starts soon on Guelph Politico.
  4. Looking at advanced copy of Guthrie’s speech, there’s a territorial acknowledgement on page one for local #FirstNations.
  5. Bishop Mac student just sang “O, Canada”, the morning’s program is officially underway with opening remarks from @chamberadvocacy.
  6. Kithio Mwanzia estimates maybe 2 million people in the crowd. I wonder to what he’s referring…
  7. Eric Walsh, Canada’s ambassador to S. Korea is in da house!!!
  8. A portion of today’s proceeds will go to @KidsAbility Thank you to all who are in attendance. #Guelph
  9. Guthrie notes that we’re at the halfway point of the term. He’s been to 500 community events, he says.
  10. “We have a lot to be proud of in this city,” he says. Hence the #GuelphProud hashtag.
  11. Guthrie encourages everyone to share Guelph Good News.
  12. Guthrie is proud to say that “front porch” issues have been made the priority at City Hall.
  13. Notes the face that Guelph has amended relationship with Wellington County, and is back on social services comm.
  14. Guthrie notes the importance of promoting from within when it comes to appointing @CogDerrick as CAO.
  15. “After one meeting I felt that changes were needed immediately” Guthrie on GMHI.
  16. Reminder: At Oct meeting, Guelph Hydro now reports direct to council, and GMHI shelved.
  17. “Guelph is clearly now a city open for business,” Guthrie says.
  18. “The most striking thing is the change in tone, and I’m not the only one saying it,” says Guthrie.
  19. “One of the biggest changes of the past two years is a new, positive tone with the business community” @CamGuthrie #GuelphProud
  20. “We are going to continue to stay on this path” of excellent customer service and development, says Guthrie.
  21. Guthrie says he advocated for skate park in 1997, posted proof from the newspaper photo at the time.
  22. “I would not be surprised if this infrastructure problem is double the estimates,” says Guthrie.
  23. Hence council approval of the levy, and unanimous approval of this year’s operating budget.
  24. These funds “are 100 per cent dedicated to infrastructure. Period.” says Guthrie.
  25. Expect to see a lot more construction in Guelph this year, says Guthrie. Don’t tweet him about it.
  26. Council has put in safeguards to “make sure every single penny is spent wisely,” says Guthrie.
  27. 6K to free events in Market Square
    3K for last Hip show
    Hundreds for Aboriginal Day, protests and other gatherings.
  28. Guthrie likes the new waste management app b/c it reminds him to remind his son to take out the garbage. [Laughs]
  29. More ways to make life easier coming in the next couple of years, says Guthrie.
  30. “Looking within will generate results,” Guthrie declares.
  31. Gov’t should run more like business? “[The Civic Accelerator] is doing just that,” says Guthrie.
  32. Another to watch out for is the expansion of the Innovation corridor. #Guelph at forefront of civic tech.
  33. “2017 is going to be a very special year,” promises Guthrie. #Guelph will be part of 3 Things Canada. Every Guelphite = 3 service acts
  34. Guthrie says reach out to Guelph Volunteer Centre for idea.
  35. “Guelph is not about roads and brick and mortar… It’s about people,” says Guthrie.
  36. Guthrie acknowledges special guests who collected provisions for victims of the Fort Mac fires and drove them there.
  37. Guthrie offers a New Year’s Resolution: Never take #Guelph for granted.
  38. “Let’s always resolve to be #GuelphPround,” says Guthrie to wrap speech.
  39. Apparently no one here has any questions, but the Mayor will be available for one-on-one questions…
  40. Guthrie is given an artisan mug that’s got a map of a city neighbourhood painted on it (missed the name of the artist).
  41. “Some of the things he mentioned we advocated for, and some we advocated against,” notes Mwanzia.


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