City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 30 Meeting?

The first full council meeting of the year will be a mix of planning and regular council meeting concerns.

PRESENTATION: United Way Spirit Award

CON-2017.1 Proposed Demolition of 68 Woodside Road, Ward 5 – A request has been made to tear down the single-detached dwelling presently built on the site and replace it sometime in the future with a new single-detached dwelling.

CON-2017.2 Nomination of a City of Guelph Representative to Apply for a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Director Position – The FCM Board elections aren’t until June, but a vacancy was created with the an elected representative from Ontario resigned before the end of last year. If council agrees, the City of Guelph will select a representative to stand for election to that seat on or about February 24. The deadline to submit a nominee is February 17.

CON-2017.3 Charges and Fees, Lowes Road and Dawn Avenue – Chief Administrative Officer, Derrick Thomson, will speak to this item.

Reports from Committee-of-the-Whole on January 16:
COW-IDE-2017.1 Heritage Review (Removal) of 300 Water Street and 129 Surrey Street East from the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties*
COW-IDE-2017.2 Cart Capital Funding Source
COW-IDE-2017.3 Sign By-law Variances for 33 Cork Street West
COW-IDE-2017.4 Sign By-law Variances for 370-374 Stone Road West
COW-IDE-2017.5 Sign By-law Variances for 500-530 Willow Road
COW-IDE-2017.6 Mayor’s Motion – Norfolk Street Bridge
COW-IDE-2017.7 District Energy Update

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