LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for December 19, 2016

Just one more meeting tonight before council breaks for the year. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of tonight’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

Guelph City Council Meeting – December 19, 2016

Live blog from the meeting starting at 6:30 pm

  1. Mayor Guthrie notes a donation been made in the name of Royal City Ambassadors to local speech therapy charity.
  2. One more song from the Ambassadors before the meeting begins.
  3. Minutes passed. Onto the consent portion of the motions.
  4. All consent items except Social Services Committee passed.
  5. First delegations, By-law Service Review for Animal Control.
  6. Adrienne McBride, ED of the Humane Society, up first.
  7. McBride applauds city for revisiting the current bylaws, supports recommendations (which they should as part of the working group)
  8. Only 13% of cats collected by the Humane Society are reclaim, McBride hoping that these new rules will change that.
  9. McBride also appreciates the $5 from each license to improve the health and welfare of cats.
  10. Cllr Hofland asking about lack of consultation around chickens in the survey.
  11. Cllr MacKinnon asks about what will he do with his theoretical cat if its chipped and he moves to Ottawa…?
  12. Cllr Piper asks about the response rate of lost pets social media feeds. Humane Society does use those tools to reunite pets/owners.
  13. No more questions for McBride, now its questions for staff.
  14. Staff says they tool considerable time looking at poultry for the bylaw review, # of animals, size of lot, etc.
  15. Hofland moves the bylaw update, Bell seconds. Now Downer has chicken question.
  16. Are there any regulations about the storing of chicken droppings? is Downer’s Qs
  17. Staff: same regs under property bylaw covering other animal droppings
  18. Gordon just acknowledged he’s a chick magnet*

    (*chicken issues)

  19. Salisbury says he’s gotten feedback that cost of the cat license is too high, has the city looked at alternatives, lower rate?
  20. The recommendation is coming from the Animal Control working group with feedback from the stakeholders they represent.
  21. MacKinnon makes the point that it feels like responsible pet owners are subsidizing irresponsible ones.
  22. MacKinnon says he’s going to vote against the cat licensing stuff on principle.
  23. MacKinnon wanted to express his displeasure at the subject, is going to ask that clause #2 be separated.
  24. Downer notes that everyone has to get a drivers license to drive, and many never get charged or ticketed.
  25. Hofland notes that council doesn’t know anything about chicken and poultry, but added clause #13 and 14 on the fly… ?
  26. Hofland moves to pull 13,14 and ask staff to review the regulations regarding domestic poultry.
  27. Staff is fine with recommendations 13, 14 in spite of Holland’s concerns.
  28. If Hofland amendment passes, the proposed changes for B.Y. chickens will not go into effect, current regs stand.
  29. Hofland says council has heard from chicken owners, but not people living next to chicken owners. Also, no education training.
  30. Bell says council needs to hear from ppl that don’t look forward to having a coop 10 ft from their door. Some applause for that
  31. Salisbury says there’s a process issue, council is passing a bylaw and asking staff to review it at the same time.
  32. Guthrie says there is a process issue, and will support the Hofland amendment.
  33. Cat licensing in clause #1 and 2 will be separated out per MacKinnon’s concerns on cat licenses.
  34. Salisbury moves to strike the $25 from clause #2
  35. Guthrie, Salisbury and MacKinnon vote in favour
  36. Clause #2: 7-3, passes
    Clause #3: 9-1, passes
    Clause #4: 10-0 passes
  37. #5: 10-0
    #6: 8-2
    #7: 10-0
    #8: 9-1
    #9: 10-0
    #10: 10-0
    #11: 9-1
    #12: 10-0
    #13 (as amended): 9-1*All measures pass.

  38. Next up Guelph Innovation implementation update. Norah Chalpner of the @YorklandsGreen delegating.
  39. The group supports the restoration of the greenland on the York lands, as well as environmental research.
  40. Currently the @YorklandsGreen is raising $3 million to buy the land in order to meet their goals.
  41. Gordon asks about the goals of urban agriculture when there are some toxins in the land.
  42. Chaloner says the solution is raised beds, like they use in downtown Detroit community gardens.
  43. No more questions for Chaloner. The motion is moved and seconded.
  44. Downer notes how disappointed she is that the city’s sent 15 delegations to the province and get no interest back in city plans for site.
  45. Guthrie agrees, staff and political work immense to bring forth exactly what council worked on last term.
  46. Guthrie notes province’s praise of city plans, and right now the land is producing nothing for the taxpayer.
  47. Here’s the list of recommendations for Animal Control bylaw changes FYI
  48. Wettstein wants the main committee communication to be a staff-to-staff process. Having council rep do reporting politicizes.
  49. This is the point Wettstein wanted to raise (concern) about Social Services Comm. Guthrie represents city on it for C. of Wellington
  50. Thomson says that this won’t replace the relationship between county and city staff. They have a good working relationship.
  51. Wettstein offers a referral that primary committee communication remain a staff-to-staff process.
  52. Hofland seconds. Asks if staff will no longer attend meetings since the mayor will be there.
  53. Staff will continue to participate as needed. Staffer that used to attend no longer with CAO office.
  54. Last item up: Guthrie notice of motion. Looking for options to commemorate veterans on Norfolk St Bridge when reconstruction begins.
  55. Clack: there is a naming committee made up by staff, and if motion passes, they will be brought it.
  56. The debate not the motion will come late at January Committee of the Whole
  57. Piper believes that public members are also on the committee. Clarify?
  58. Clack has to check that, but public input will be sought in any case.
  59. Wettstein notice of motion pushed back to end of January.
  60. Cllr Van Hellemond moves the bylaws, seconded by MacKinnon.
  61. Mayor announcement includes #Merrymaking even on Wednesday from 4-8 featuring “the Fire Guy” (sp?)
  62. Guthrie invites everyone coming to Merrymaking bring food to support the Seed Hub.
  63. Guthrie wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Thanks council and media(!) for another good year.
  64. Council adjourns for 2016. Thanks everyone for following. And to all a good night.

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