LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for November 9, 2016

Bradley Breedon will kick-off the coverage of the city council tonight, as the horseshoe gets down to the major issues surrounding the 2017 tax-supported operating budget. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of tonight’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

Guelph City Council Meeting – November 9, 2016

Live blog from the meeting starting at 6 pm

  1. Acting Treasurer James Krauter breaks down the budget.
  2. A 1.98% tax increase has been proposed for the 2017 Tax Supported Operating Budget.
  3. Mayor Guthrie is up to discuss the use of municipal funds in the operations of City Council #GuelphBudget
  4. Guthrie: retainer fees for integrity commissioners, rising costs of projects around the city and initiatives responsible for 1.4% increase
  5. Mark Amorosi, Deputy CAO, outlines how Corp. Services has saved 3.3% on last years budget. Hint: two positions have been moved out of office
  6. Amorosi: information technology will help improve efficiency of Corp. Services in managing contracts automatically instead of manually.
  7. Scott Stewart Dep. CAO of Infrastructure, Development, and Enterprise Services is up next at the podium. #GuelphBudget
  8. Stewart: IDES 2017 budget is 20mn, looking to implement findings of 2016 accessibility audit, launch online waste collection reminder tool.
  9. Colleen Clack, Dep. CAO of Public Services to outline budget changes for 2017 #GuelphBudget
  10. Clack: Victoria Road Rec Centre is fully renovated and will be open in 2017. Also, celebrating Guelph’s 190th anniversary!
  11. Clack: “Where’s My Plow?” app will be piloted this winter.
  12. Clack: last winter was a lighter winter so there was less money spent on plowing. Hoping to save money by December to create a reserve.
  13. Clack: no proposed change in transit levels for 2017 bar “helper” buses that were piloted this summer.
  14. Amorosi is back up: looking to review council’s delegation of authority, and implement Business/Service Review framework in 2017.
  15. Krauter: General & Capital Financing Focus for 2017 budget include contributions to affordable housing
  16. Cllr Gibson asking the tough questions on increases to utilities and decreases on Purchased Services.
  17. Expansions and Reductions for 2017: City Admin has 10 expansions to be considered that only account for 0.6% of budget increase
  18. Expansions: paramedics for Erin township will help cover an additional 12 hours that weren’t covered by in-town paramedics (11 am-11pm)
  19. Hiring of a Development Engineer and a Corporate Mobility Specialist on the list of proposed expansions for 2017 #GuelphBudget
  20. Guthrie on moving to mobile from landline phones: “I’ve got a land-line phone in my office: I’ve used it…4 times in 2 years?”
  21. Making quick work through proposed expansions for 2017: final expansion proposal is the hiring of an Application Analyst: backlog of 3 years
  22. Q:Reduction of transit services levels in summer was only corrected by “helper buses”. Why did restoring these levels not make the exp list?
  23. Answer from Clack: restoring the old service levels would have cost the city 1.3mn.
  24. No reductions proposed for 2017: redns were built into 2017 budget (hence the need for an increase). More reduction = reduction in services.
  25. Recommendations for 2017 budget: that the presentation delivered today be referred to during the Dec 7th 2016 budget meeting..
  26. ..and that user fees/proposed reserves/reserve fund transfers be referred to on Dec 7th 2016 as well #GuelphBudget
  27. Cam’s closing remarks: “I do not want to entertain surprise motions on the night of budget…. No surprises.”


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