City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for March 7’s Meeting?

City council will once again be joined this coming Monday to discuss matters of zoning. Two major pieces are up for discussion around the horseshoe; one commercial and one spiritual.

Closed Meeting – An update on the Update on Ontario Municipal Board Appeal of 71 Kortright Road West. The subject is being discussed in a closed meeting due to “litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals and advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege.”

Paisley/Imperial Node Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment (Files #OP1502 and ZC1515) – Ward 4 – Ever been to the Zehrs at Imperial and Paisley? Notice how that plaza has expanded significantly over the last five years? Well, it’s not done yet! The developers have plans to develop that land further, and now they want to add to it. The “Zehrs plaza” is one of five “Community Mixed-use Centre” nodes in the area along Imperial/Paisley/Elmira, but they now want to add more space into those developments. The current plan calls for a ground floor area (GFA) increase of 4,400 m2 from 20,851 m2 to 25,251 m2; the total area of the development will then go from 52,600 m2 to 57,000 m2. If approved, the next phase of development at 963 to 1045 Paisley Road – the open field at the north end of the property between the Zehrs and the West End Rec Centre – can begin.

325 and 329 Gordon Street Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (File #ZC1516) – Ward 5 – Another zoning change, this one to allow a religious establishment in the existing building on the northern end of the property. Currently, there are two buildings on the site, both classified as single detached dwellings. On the south end of the property is 329 Gordon St., which is presently a group home; the dwelling on the north end is 325 Gordon St., the former site of the group home. James Webb Planning Consultants Inc., on behalf of The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation Diocese of Hamilton, is asking to rezone 325 into a specialized Institutional: Educational, Spiritual, and Other Services Zone for a “a religious establishment.” In other words, a church.

Both reports will be voted on to be received by council. Delegations will be heard, but no actions will be taken at this meeting.

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