City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for February 8’s Meeting?

If you like applications to re-zone areas of the city to allow for new development, then this city council meeting is for you. Here’s what’s on the docket for the city council meeting on Monday February 8.

492 Michener Road Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – A report coming to council on the designation of 492 Michener Rd., site of the former Guelph Place Banquet Hall. The site is currently marked as “Specialized Highway Service Commercial”, meaning a location meant for a highway-oriented commercial business, or a business that can’t normally be situated in the city’s Central Business District, AKA: Downtown. Instead, the report will recommend that the site be re-designated to “Highway Service Commercial”, which will allow a variety of commercial businesses to potentially take up residence there. No specific plan for the site will be presented at this time.

287 Waterloo Avenue Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – A report to be received by council on an application to turn a single detached residence into an “Office Residential.” Basically, someone wants to turn a house into a doctor’s office. The house in question is on the corner of Waterloo Ave. and St. Arnaud St.

55 and 75 Cityview Drive North Proposed Modification to Draft Plan 23T-12501 and Zoning By-law Amendment – Changes are being sought for the plan for a new subdivision being built north of York Rd. between Cityview Dr. and Starwood Dr. There are seven modifications including the reduction of frontage on several lots, and switching the placement of single detached dwellings to on-street townhouses and vise versa. The application will also ask for the allowance for more cluster townhouses.

Blocks 221-223, Registered Plan 61M-18 (Silurian Drive/Starwood Drive)Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – An application to rezone three pieces of land along Silurian Dr. from an Urban Reserve zone, a designation meant to protect a parcel of land from premature subdivision and development, to an R.2-6 (Residential Semi-Detached/Duplex) Zone. The application is seeking the rezone change to that nine single detached dwellings and one semi-detached dwelling may be built on the land.

1511-1517 Gordon Street and 15 Lowes Road Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment – An application to rezone this area from “General Residential” to “Commercial Mixed Use.” Amongst the new development on the land may be space for a pharmacy, a retail establishment, a bake shop, and “Live-Work Units”, meaning “a Dwelling Unit, part of which may be used as a business establishment and the Dwelling Unit is the principal residence of the business operator.” A restaurant with a drive-thru may also be a part of the development. Two out of three houses on this corner, which is situated across the road from Brock Park south of Arkell Rd., have already been demolished in preparation for the site’s redevelopment.

139 Morris Street Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – A recommendation to rezone an empty lot at the corner of Morris St. and York Rd. from “Specialized Industrial” to “Specialized Residential Townhouse with Holding Provisions” in order to develop 20 on-street townhouses and a three-story apartment building with 42 units. This is the latest attempt to rezone 139 Morris St., where the Biltmore Hats Factory once sat until it was demolished in 2011.

Proposed Demolition of 176 York Road and Proposed Demolition of 115 Dawn Avenue – The applicant is looking for permission to tear down the house that currently sits at 176 York Rd. and 115 Dawn Ave. in order to build new houses to replace them.

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