Open Letter to the Guelph Community

***This is an email I’ve sent out to numerous members of the Guelph community in an effort to bolster community confidence that there’s still a media source in town dedicated to covering Guelph (even if it is just Guelph Politico).

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Like you, I was saddened to hear about the closure of the Guelph Mercury on Friday. I’m sure that you will agree with the words of Nelson Mandela that, “A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy,” and that in losing the Mercury, Guelph has lost a vital voice and outlet for the Royal City.

It’s hard to imagine anything can fill the void of the Mercury, and while I don’t wish to appear to be dancing on the paper’s proverbial grave, the show, as they say, must go on, and Guelph needs to be assured that there is still an independent media in our city that’s available and accessible.

In case our paths have never crossed, my name is Adam A. Donaldson, and I have a blog called Guelph Politico. I have operated Guelph Politico for going on eight years covering seven elections and the political landscape in Guelph throughout that time. Politico has been recognized by numerous people in the Guelph political community as a good source for information and for fair and balanced coverage and analysis of politics in Guelph. But now the time has come to expand.

Politico is in the midst of a transformational period itself now. In the next several weeks, I will be launching a crowd-funding campaign for Guelph Politico with the goal of turning it into a full-time media outlet for the City of Guelph. My plans, and this goal, were in the works before the Guelph Mercury announcement was made on Monday, but now there’s an even a greater imperative, at least for me, to make this happen.

So why did you get this email today? I wanted to send the word far and wide across Guelph that I am here, or in the event that you already knew I existed, that I’m still here. Guelph Politico obviously can’t do all the things that the Mercury did, and it has a very particular slant, in that it’s politically focused, but I am very enthusiastic about covering Guelph news and telling Guelph stories, and now, more than ever, new outlets need to be found to tell them.

Through Guelph Politico, I will continue the things I’ve already begun doing: podcasts, live blogging from city council meetings, and articles and editorials about issues. Should you wish to send press releases, story ideas, or other information that you think should be of public interest to the community I will be more than happy to receive them. I can’t promise I will cover everything, but I can promise that I will cover as much as I can, and in time, if my crowd-funding efforts prove successful, perhaps more.

In the media landscape, it’s a brave new world out there. There are lots of possibilities and as of yet no right answer to the question of what the future of media will look like. I hope to do my part in keeping Guelph informed in these transitional times, and I hope you will see the value and opportunity in Guelph Politico.

Thank you for your time,
Adam A. Donaldson
Guelph Politico

P.S.: Feel free to share this with any people in your circle who you think might be interested.

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