What’s Coming Up for Open Sources’ Holiday Specials?

It’s the holiday season, so gather your family around the radio and listen to some great specials from your favourite locally-sourced political and current affairs discussion show, Open Sources Guelph.

Thursday December 24 – 5 pm: Favourite Political Movies

We like politics, and we like movies, so why not combine the two? For our Christmas Eve special Scotty Hertz and I will be talking about our favourite political movies, or at the very least the ones we have a lot to say about. In his corner, Scotty’s got the Danish series Borgen and the 1995 Ken Loach film Land and Freedom; while I’ve got the 2004 Chris Rock comedy Head of State, and Oliver Stone’s 2008 bio-pic W.

Thursday December 31 – 5 pm: Year in Review

Like we used to do on the old Gang of Four, we’ll hand out the usual year end awards. Best Politician, Worst Politician, Good News Story of the Year, and Trainwreck of the Year will all get their due, and we’ll share the results of the non-scientific survey called the Open Sources Burger Tour of Guelph. To whom will we sing praises, and who amongst the political class will get our poison-tipped darts? Find out on New Year’s Eve.

As always, you can listen to Open Sources Guelph Thursdays at 5 pm on CFRU, and if you miss it, you can download the podcast on the Guelph Politicast channel.

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