Here’s what Lloyd Longfield Said in his First Speech in the House

Although he didn’t get one of your fancy cabinet seats, Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield is still taking care of business in the House of Commons. In his first address in said House, Longfield rose to salute a Guelphite who’s doing his part on the preeminent human rights issue of our time, assisting Syrian refugees.

Mr. Speaker, as this is the first time I am addressing the House, I would like to thank those who helped get me here: my wife, Barb, our wonderful family, the amazing campaign team, and the 34,303 voters in Guelph who helped get me here.

As the House knows, we are currently facing a historically tragic humanitarian crisis, with unprecedented numbers of refugees displaced from Syria. I rise today to acknowledge an incredible effort currently under way in Guelph to bring 50 families to our community in the coming weeks. This is a community-wide and entirely locally funded effort spanning several faith groups, local businesses, and social agencies. Guelph entrepreneur Jim Estill, the driving force behind this project, has provided financing of $1.5 million and arranged employment and mentorship.

On behalf of the people of Guelph, I wish to thank everyone involved for their great efforts to help.

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