A Quick Note About Election Coverage

So here we are, another Federal campaign. This blog started with a Federal election, the 2008 by-election to replace Brenda Chamberlain as Member of Parliament for Guelph, and that became the full-blown 2008 Federal Election exactly one day before it was over. We made it though 2011, after which we were assured thanks to a majority for the Conservatives that we’d have a four years till the next one. So here we are, and I’m sure you’re wondering what I have cooking…

…And the answer is, the same as always. They’re saying that there’s not going to be a lot of action through August, but that depends on what you mean by action. There will be the resuming of the Mike Duffy trial next week, and before that the first leaders debate of the campaign, the Rogers/Maclean’s debate moderated by Paul Wells will take place on Thursday.

As for Politico specifically, my efforts will be divided between covering the local race here, and covering the national race on Open Sources Guelph on CFRU. Also, over the last couple of elections, I’ve posted podcast interviews here with the candidates. This time though, that responsibility will be taken up be the Open Sources half of things. Interviews with all the candidates will go live to air starting in September every Thursday at 5 pm and we’ll post them to the internet after the fact.

It’s going to be an interesting campaign, so stay tuned.

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