Election Day Exactly One Month Away

It’s the final (ish) countdown starting today, exactly one month until the Municipal Election here in Guelph (and many parts of Ontario). Practically speaking, I have about one-quarter of the candidates’ responses to the Politico candidate questionnaire, and I expect that I’ll be getting many more through the week. I have one mayoral candidate podcast in the bank, but I’m still chasing the two main competitors in the race to give them their 15 (or 30 to 40) minutes. As we enter October, I hope to put the emphasis on issues reporting, and less on information gathering, so there will hopefully be a chance to generate some good discussion. But as we’re marking one month to Election Day, I thought I would post this little treat.

The below clip is from the second season of SCTV in 1978. It’s Election Night coverage from the Melonville vote, which predominately focuses on the West Melonville race where John Candy’s Johnny La Rue was running in a typically corrupt bid for city council. SCTV newsman Earl Camembert is La Rue’s campaign manager, a prescient, albeit over-the-top, maneuver of modern politicking that’s been 30 years in the making. It’s kind of funny now to hear Floyd Robertson note that there are no returns three minutes after the polls close, when in 2014 there are some races that are over and done within three minutes, but what’s really funny is how politics hasn’t changed much in nearly four decades. Enjoy!

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