Valeriote Adds Veterans Affairs to List of Liberal Duties

Justin Trudeau may be the face of the party, but it seems that Guelph MP Frank Valeriote is doing all the heavy-lifting. Now, along with deputy whip and co-chair of the policy caucus, Valeriote will head up the Liberal Party’s criticism on Veteran’s Affairs in the Commons. Valeriote’s new position in the Liberal caucus was announced Monday.

“It is an honour to be trusted with this responsibility,” said Valeriote. “So many Canadian men and women have given their all in service of Canada over the generations and it is important, now more than ever that their government ensures there are policies in place to meet their needs.”

The veteran’s affairs portfolio will likely be likely be key in the lead up to the 2015 election as the Conservative government is vulnerable on a number of veteran-related issues, from mental health, to suicide prevention to the much-protested closure of several VA offices across Canada. Is the Liberal Party setting Valeriote up for an important place in the party and a big future in a potential Liberal government? I guess we’ll see as we get closer to election time.

“I look forward to this new role; to working with even more veterans across the country and honouring the many generations of Canadians who have served their country,” Valeriote added.

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