MEETING PREVIEW: Committee of Adjustment Meeting for March 9, 2023

There’s nothing terribly controversial at March’s Committee of Adjustment this month, but, as ever, controversy is in the eye of the beholder. Some plans will see current properties break off like amoebas and become two properties, some plans include demolitions, and there’s at least one case of a property that the owner feels is not zoned right. This is what’s on the agenda for March…

NOTE #1: This meeting will hybrid in format, available on the City of Guelph live stream, but you can also appear in-person at the council chambers in 1 Carden Street.

NOTE #2: If you would like to delegate on one of these matters, or submit a written comment, you have until Thursday March 2 at noon to get in touch with committee staff at cofa [at], or by calling 519-822-1260 extension 2524.

NOTE #3: The meeting begins at 4 pm.

A-10/23 265 Edinburgh Road South – You’ve probably seen the empty storefront of the Edinburgh facing side of this building at Edinburgh and Oriole, but there is a Telus store at the side facing Oriole. The property owner is requesting a zoning change to allow a more flexible appeal to potential tenants to include legal non-conforming uses such as medical office, office, service establishment, laboratory, repair service, rental outlet or veterinary service.

A-11/23 100 Division Street – This application is fairly straightforward, the property owner would like to turn the existing half-storey into a full second storey. That will require some variances for setback in the front and side yards, and another variance to maintain the enclosed porch at the front door.

A-12/23 21 Dublin Street South – The project is straightforward, but the process is what’s complicated. The property owner wants to tear down the house current there and build a new house, but in order to do that the plan needs variances for setbacks on all sides of the new house and some encroachments on the lot line.

B-2/23 900 Southgate Drive – A portion of the property that 900 Southgate sits on is going to be separated at the eastern end along Clair Road East near the bend where Clair becomes Laird. At least that’s the hope. The planners representing the owners say that they’ve worked with City staff to come up with the proposal where a hypothetically building can still allow parking, truck movement and zoning conformation even though there’s presently no formal plan for the building.

A-13/22 79 Renfield Street – The property owner would like to build a detached garage to replace the current car hole which is more or less an extension of the roof and a pair of stilts. The construction of the detached garage though would require Committee of Adjustment to pass a variance because an accessory building or structure cannot occupy more than 30 per cent of the yard.

B-3/23 B-4/23 A-14/23 A-15/23 A-16/23 26 Forest Street – If approved, the plan for this property would eliminate the existing house, pool and small sheds and they will be replaced by three homes on now three separate parcels of land. The degree of difficulty on this project increase with an Environmental Assessment revealed an underground oil tank that necessitates the demolition of the current house to remove.

Member Vacancy Update – There’s no report with this agenda item, but essentially there’s at least one vacancy right now on Committee of Adjustment. If you’re interested, the deadline to apply is March 9.


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