MEETING PREVIEW: Guelph Public Library Board for February 21, 2023

This month’s Guelph Public Library Board meeting will take place on a Tuesday this month, the only Tuesday when city council isn’t meeting, which is going to make it a problem to schedule meetings going forward, especially now that three councillors are on the board. That issue will get sorted out at this coming meeting, and so will other various matters needing the board’s expertise and consideration.

NOTE #1: This meeting will take place in Programming Room at the Main Library on Norfolk Street, but you can also watch it on video via Cxisco Webe. (Find the link on the meeting agenda.)

NOTE #2: The meeting begins at 5:30 pm and is expected to wrap up around 7:30 pm.

Consent Agenda – There’s not much information provided in the posted agenda, so we’ll divide this preview between what’s on the consent agenda, and what’s not. As you may know, the consent agenda is usually reserved for straightforward information and reports that require board approval but are passed as a slate unless otherwise pulled for discussion.

On the consent agenda this month are the CEO’s report, the scorecard for service utilization and capacity, the scorecard for HR, an operating variance report, and the 2023-2023 strategic directions for the library.

Presentations & Reports – It terms of the items that need some more feedback and debate this month, there’s the obvious items that were carried over from last month including the election of the board’s executive, plus the selection of a rep to the Governance Committee and the Friends of the Guelph Public Library. There will also be an update to the new main library project, the 2022 annual report and year-in-review, plus CEO Steve Kraft’s work plan for 2023.


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