MEETING PREVIEW: Committee of Adjustment Meeting for February 9, 2023

Though it’s still cold outside, things are heating up for the Committee of Adjustment at this February meeting. The theme of the meeting seems to be new apartments with a couple of variants for accessory units and the transformation of a current commercial space. In other news, a family is looking to make some changes to their front area, and a new affordable housing project needs some changes approved.

NOTE #1: This meeting will hybrid in format, available on the City of Guelph live stream, but you can also appear in-person at the council chambers in 1 Carden Street.

NOTE #2: If you would like to delegate on one of these matters, or submit a written comment, you have until Thursday February 2 at noon to get in touch with committee staff at cofa [at], or by calling 519-822-1260 extension 2524.

NOTE #3: The meeting begins at 4 pm.

A-1/23 29-31 Paisley Street – The property owner would like to turn a commercial space in the building into an additional residential unit to bring the total units available up to five. Problem? There are only two parking spots on the property so a minor variance is being requested. Technically, according to the zoning bylaw, the property needs one parking spot per unit, but these property is downtown and its limitations pre-date even the previous bylaw update.

A-6/23 50-60 Fife Road – You remember this project. Well, UpBuilding! Non-Profit Homes is looking for a number of minor variances to carry on with the project to build 18 new one-bedroom units including allowances for permit multiple attached dwellings, increased number of dwelling units, reduced private amenity area, and reduced off-street parking and visitors parking. You might recall that the project will build three-storey multiple attached dwellings on the site of the listed heritage building that used to be the home of a Guelph businessman and former-mayor.

A-7/23 444 Speedvale Avenue East – This property has one unit on the main floor, plus an accessory apartment in the basement, and now the owners want to convert the garage into an additional bachelor-style apartment suited for a single person or a couple. Staff had rejected the proposal due to the requested adjustment to the setback and the loss of greenspace and privacy of the garage’s embiggened footprint. The owners want a second opinion because they think the changes are negligible and there’s more than enough distance between the garage and the neighbours.

A-8/23 179 Eramosa Road – This property consists of a primary dwelling and an additional building that could be used as an accessory unit, especially since it apparently already has a kitchen and washroom inside. Now that City of Guelph rules have caught up with the property, and the owners would like to formally turned this into a accessory unit for habitation after receiving five minor variances. Interestingly, there have been two previous Committee of Adjustment decisions on this property from 2003.

A-9/23 30 Powell Street East – The homeowner would like to take their front porch area and replace it with a little bit more indoor living space including a formal mudroom with closets space and a 2-piece bathroom. Surprisingly, this simple change requires four different minor variances.

Impact of Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 – Like a lot of other City of Guelph committees and boards, the Committee of Adjustment is not unaffected by changes made in Bill 23. In terms of effects, thirty-party appeals to the Ontario Land Tribunal for minor variances will no longer be permitted, and neither will appeals of consent applications. Any minor variance that didn’t have a hearing date set before October 25, 2022 is now cancelled and there’s no longer a two-year prohibition  on submitting minor variance applications after the passage of an owner-initiated zoning bylaw amendment at council.


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