MANGEZ! The Best of the Chains

Two times every month, Guelph Politico publishes a dine safe guid called Mangez, which takes the latest results from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit and breaks them down according to which local eateries are perfect, which have some issues, and which aren’t serving dinner anymore. Now there are a lot of eateries in town that are part of the same brand or chain, and you maybe wondering, which of them is the best when it comes to their twice-annual inspections? Wonder no more.

Below is a list of the various chain eateries, shops, and grocery stores around Guelph, and which location has done the best on their inspections. More often than not, this means scoring a zero on critical and non-critical infractions over a period of up to three years, but that’s not to say that the rest are pigsties either. Also, you’ll note that a lot of the picks below are on Clair, and that’s mostly because they are the newest locations with the least number of inspections, so don’t hold that against the older establishments.

Still, if you need to settle a bet, are merely curious, or are looking for somewhere to eat today, these picks are the Best of the Chains.

7-Eleven: Eramosa

A&W: Stone Road Mall

BarBarrito: (tie) Silvercreek and Clair

Big Bear Convenience: Willow

Booster Juice: Clair

Bulk Barn: All three locations

Circle K Convenience: (tie) Paisley and College

Crabby Joe’s: Clair

Dairy Queen: (tie) Paisley, Stone, and Stone Road Mall

Domino’s: (tie) Eramosa and Stone

Esso Convenience Stores: All five locations

Food Basics: Clair

Freshii: Clair

Galaxy Cinemas: Clair

Gino’s Pizza: Clair

Harvey’s: (tie) Clair and Woodlawn

Hasty Market: (tie) Arkell, Kortright, and Fife

Jumbo 3-for-1: Gordon

Kelsey’s: Clair

KFC: (tie) Silvercreek, Wellington, and U of G

Little Caesar’s: (tie) Both locations

Little Short Stop: (tie) Willow, Gordon, Silvercreek, and York

M&M Meat Shop: Both locations

Mary Brown’s: Eramosa

McDonalds: (tie) Gordon, Woodlawn and Walmart

Mr. Sub: Silvercreek

No Frills: Harvard

Petro Canada Convenience: (tie) Stone and Silvercreek

Pita Pit: (tie) Macdonell and Silvercreek

Pizza Hut: Eramosa

Pizza Pizza: (tie) Stone Road Mall, Willow, and York

Pizzaville: Silvercreek

Planet Bean: All three locations tied

Popeye’s: Woodlawn

San Francisco Panini: Cowan

Second Cup: Gordon and U of G Science Complex

Shoppers Drug Mart: (tie) Scottsdale, Silvercreek, and Clair

Starbucks: Clair, Longo’s, Gordon, Metro, U of G Library

Swiss Chalet: Edinburgh

Subway: (tie) Clair, Woolwich, Silvercreek

Thai Express: Clair

Tim Hortons: (tie): Clair, 134 Woodlawn, Woolwich, Gordon, Stone Road Mall, 110 Silvercreek, 252 Silvercreek, University Centre

Twice the Deal Pizza: Clair

Victoria’s Pizza: Kortright

Walmart: Stone

Wendy’s: Stone

West End Bakery: Waterloo

Zehrs: Clair

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