MANGEZ! Dine Safe Guide for October 10-31, 2016

Twice-monthly, Guelph Politico posts the latest inspection results from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit inspection of local restaurants, hotels, cafes, grocery stores and other businesses that handle food. We call it “Mangez!”, and this column highlights the latest inspections done by WDGPH, and the results they’ve posted.

Here are the inspections done between October 10-31 according to the “Check Before You Choose” website.

*No infractions found

A & W Restaurant, 286 Hwy 401 East
Ah So Sushi, 117-141 Woolwich St
Airpark Cafe, 50 Skyway Dr
Albion Hotel, 49 Norfolk St
Appetizingly Yours Event & Catering, 23 Garibaldi St
Arby’s, 670 Woolwich St
Avanti Pizza, 17B-218 Silvercreek Parkway N
Bar Burrito, 119A-119 Silvercreek Parkway N
Boon Burger, 23 Quebec St
Cadence, 88 Yarounth St
Capistrano Caffé-Bar, 42 Wyndham St N
Caribbean Queen, 435 Stone Rd W
Coco Latte, 55 Wyndham St N
College Heights Secondary School Cafeteria, 371 College Ave W
Cutten Fields, 190 College Ave E
Decadently Yours, 119 Surrey St East
Denso Manufacturing – Dana Hospitality, 900 Southgate Dr
Delta Hotel – Fifty West Restaurant, 50 Stone Rd W
Domino’s Pizza, 1-204 Silvercreek Pky N
Earth To Table Bread Bar, 105 Gordon Street
Gino’s Pizza, 370 Stone Road W
Green Liner Produce Ltd, 151 Regal Rd
Grosche International Inc, 137 Wyndham St
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute, 155 Paisley St
Hanlon Convention Centre, 33-340 Woodlawn Rd W
Home Depot-Subway, 63 Woodlawn Rd W
Italian Canadian Club, 135 Ferguson St
Jack & Jill Day Nursery 32 Arnold St
La Garderie de L’arc-en-ciel, 221 Scottsdale Dr
Little Caesars Pizza, 130 Silvercreek Pky N
McDonald’s, 65 Gordon St
McDonald’s, 372 Stone Rd W
Milano Pizza, 79 Macdonell St
Moe’s Gourmet Plus, 55 Wyndham St N
Ontario Early Years-Stone Road Mall, 435 Stone Rd W
Our Lady Of Lourdes High School, 54 Westmount Rd
Pita Hot Sandwiches, 26-35 Harvard Rd
Pizzaville, 106 Silvercreek Pkwy N
Royal on Gordon, 1691 Gordon St
San Francisco Panini, 12-485 Silvercreek Pkwy N
San Francisco Panini, 20 Cowan Pl
Schmeckens BBQ, 85 Kensington St
Shed Market Inc, 6-1388 Gordon St
Starbucks Coffee, C-4 89 Gordon St
Subway Sandwiches & Salads, 130 Silvercreek Pkwy N
Sunset Grill, 105 Clair Rd E
Twice the Deal Pizza, 105 Clair Rd E
UofG Gryphs Sports Lounge, 50 Stone Rd E
UofG Lennox Addington – LA Pit, 50 Stone Rd E
UofG Lennox Addington – Starbucks, 50 Stone Rd E
UofG Child Care & Learning Centre, 125 Arboretum Rd
Vienna Eatery, 28 Macdonell St
West End Bakery, 105 Wyndham St N
Yo Yos Yogurt Cafe Pergola, 4-79 Clair Rd E

*Non-critical infraction: An infraction (violation) that is not likely to lead to food-borne illness or infection (e.g., lighting is not bright enough for food preparation or work areas).

39 Carden Street, 40 Carden St (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Atmosphere Café + Etc., 24 Carden St (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Banh Mi Sandwich Catering & Takeout, 355 Elmira Road N (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Borealis Grille & Bar 1388 Gordon St, (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Chartwell Wellington Park Retirement Residence, 181 Janefield Ave (3 Non-Critical Infractions)
Days Inn, 785 Gordon St (3 Non-Critical Infractions)
Galt Juice Company, 122 Wyndham St N (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Guelph Lake Commons, 520 Victoria Rd N (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Harmony House Retirement Home, 2129 Gordon St S (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
KFC/Taco Bell, 435 Stone Rd W (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Lapointe Fisher Nursing Home, 271 Metcalfe St (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Lucky Belly Food Co., 763 Woolwich St (3 Non-Critical Infractions)
Manchu Wok, 435 Stone Rd W (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Metro, 500 Edinburgh Rd S (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Pizza Pizza, 380 Eramosa Rd (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Salsateria/Van Gogh’s Ear, 10 Wyndham St N (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Spice Roots and Indian Authenticity, 200 Kortright Rd W (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Symposium Cafe, 304 Stone Rd W (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Tim Hortons, 435 Woodlawn Rd W (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Tito’s Pizza, 50 Dovercliffe Rd (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Twice the Deal Pizza, 763 Woolwich St (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Williams Fresh Cafe, 492 Edinburgh Rd S (1 Non-Critical Infraction)

*Critical infraction: A violation found during an inspection that could be a health hazard.

Angel’s Diner, 23 Wellington St E (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical)
Coffee Time Donuts, 247 Eramosa Rd (1 Critical)
College Place, 166 College Ave W (1 Critical)
Eggcetra Restaurant & Deli, 216 Victoria Rd S (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical)
Freshii, C3-89 Gordon St (1 Critical)
Guelph General Hospital-Balcony Bistro, 115 Delhi St (1 Critical)
Guelph General Hospital-Patient Food Services, 115 Delhi St (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)
Heritage House Retirement Living, 2113 Gordon St (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)
Joint Cafe, 43 Cork Street E (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)
Les Etoiles Brillantes, 30 Brighton St (1 Critical)
Norfolk Manor, 128 Norfolk St (1 Critical)
Town & Country Restaurant, 683 Eramosa Rd (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)

Curious about the restaurant or establishment you’re going to, check out “Check Before You Choose” before you head out the door.

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