MANGEZ! Dine Safe Guide for August 1-15, 2016

Twice-monthly, Guelph Politico posts the latest inspection results from the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit inspection of local restaurants, hotels, cafes, grocery stores and other businesses that handle food. We call it “Mangez!”, and this column highlights the latest inspections done by WDGPH, and the results they’ve posted.

Here are the inspections done between August 1-15 according to the “Check Before You Choose” website.

*No infractions found

Adonia Casual Greek Family Dining, 737 Woolwich St
Bombay Kitchen Fine Indian Cuisine, 105 MacDonell St
China Express, 10A-362 Speedvale Ave East
Creekside Kitchen, 10-115 Downey Rd
Dairy Queen, 380 Eramosa Rd
Feta and Olives Greek Kitchen, 435 Stone Rd W
Foodies Anonymous, 6th Line E
Freshii, C3-89 Gordon St.
Golden Fish and Chips, 2002-200 Kortright Rd W
Guelph Lake Commons, 520 Victoria Rd N
Guelph YMCA-YWCA-Fred A. Hamilton, 160 Ironwood Rd
Guelph YMCA-YWCA-St. Michael, 9 McElderry Rd
Harvey’s, 99 Clair Rd East
KFC, 50 Wellington St E
La Garderie de L’arc-en-ciel, 221 Scottsdale Dr
McNeil Consumer Products, 890 Woodlawn Rd W
Miss Jenny’s Tea House, 88 Waterloo Ave
New York Fries, 435 Stone Rd W
Noel’s Children’s Centre, 468 Woodlawn Rd E
Pita Pit, 65 Macdonell St
Pizza Pizza, 435 Stone Rd W
Pizza Pizza, 500 York Rd
Pizzaville, B2-2 Clair Rd E
Saide’s Kitchen, 20 Woodlawn Rd E
St. Joseph’s Health Centre-Out’n About Adult Day Program, 69 Huron St
Stayfit, 259 Grange Rd
Subway, 5 Clair Rd W
Subway, 500 York Rd
Subway, 370 Stone Rd W
Subway, 72 Macdonell St
Swiss Chalet, 138 Woodlawn Rd W
Walmart Supercentre, 175 Stone Rd W

*Non-critical infraction: An infraction (violation) that is not likely to lead to food-borne illness or infection (e.g., lighting is not bright enough for food preparation or work areas).

A & W Restaurant, 435 Stone Rd W (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Artisanale Café and Restaurant, 214 Woolwich St (3 Non-Critical Infractions)
Extreme Pita, 380 Eramosa Rd (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Milestone’s Restaurant, 185 Stone Road W (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Quesada Burritos and Tacos, 2 – 103 Clair Rd E (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Racky’s Catering, 85 York Rd (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Rowe Farms, 1027 Gordon St (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Salsateria/Van Gogh’s Ear, 10 Wyndham St N (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Swiss Chalet, 502 Edinburgh Rd S (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Victoria’s Pizza, 4-210 Kortright Rd (2 Non-Critical Infractions)
Wellington Early Learning Centre – Taylor Evans, 271 Stephanie Dr (1 Non-Critical Infraction)
Who Gives A Schnitz, 27 MacDonnell St (1 Non-Critical Infraction)

*Critical infraction: A violation found during an inspection that could be a health hazard.

Breezy Corners Family Restaurant, 44 Macdonnell St (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical)
Greek Flame, 543 Speedvale Ave E (1 Critical, 7 Non-Critical)
Kisara Sushi, A-86 Gordon St (1 Critical, 3 Non-Critical)
Pita Pit, 105 Clair Rd E (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical)
Real Deal Sports Bar and Billiards, 224 Victoria Rd S (2 Critical, 2 Non-Critical)
Soora Restaurant, 1B-45 Cork St E (1 Critical, 4 Non-Critical)
Subway, 987 Gordon St (2 Critical)
Village of Riverside Glen, 60 Woodlawn Rd E (1 Critical)
York Road Kitchen and Chocolate Bar, 648 York Rd (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)
Zinger Chick, 18-500 Willow Road (1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical)

Curious about the restaurant or establishment you’re going to, check out “Check Before You Choose” before you head out the door.

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