Guelph Gets a Libertarian Candidate

Guelph is never short of candidates representing smaller, independent parties outside of the big four; Kornelis Klevering of the Marijuana Party has already declared, and so has Tristan Dineen of the Communist Party. Well it turns out that Guelph also has a Libertarian candidate as well, and Alex Fekri is looking to represent his party in the Royal City on October 19.

Fekri will fill the shoes of Phillip Bender, a farmer from Erin who ran for the Libertarians in Guelph in 2008 and 2011. Fekri is a life-long Guelph resident who is currently a student at the University of Guelph. Here’s his bio from the Libertarian website:

Alex was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. He is a proud Franco-Ontarian and will be studying accounting at the University of Guelph this fall.

Alex is young but he is a strong advocate for individual and property rights. About a year ago, Alex realized that what is happening now will drastically affect his future. Hence, he decided to be active politically in his community.

Alex volunteers for many organizations in his community like the Arthritis society and for the MS Walk. Alex has a strong desire to serve his country and will be joining the Canadian primary army reserves in late 2015.

Alex is hoping to inform the people of Guelph about individual rights, property rights and the free market.

Fekri also has a Facebook page through which you can follow his campaign

Currently the Guelph slate includes Dineen, Gloria Kovach (Conservative), Lloyd Longfield (Liberal), Gord Miller (Green) and Andrew Seagram (NDP). Klevering has announced his candidacy, but has yet to file his papers. The deadline for submitting nomination papers to Elections Canada is September 28.

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