City Council Vote Tracker 2018-2022

Unless you want to scour through page after page of meeting minutes to find the results of the vote you want, Guelph Politico offers an easier way.

Along with the regular meeting previews and live-blogs, Politico now offers boxed score results of council meetings, the breakdown of every vote and every result, of every motion, referral, and amendment.

And since part of a well-functioning democracy is also about holding elected officials to account on the promises and directives they promote on the campaign trail, below you’ll find links to the Guelph Politico Candidate Questionnaire for all 13 members of City Council.

2018 Candidate Questionnaires from City Council

Mayor Cam Guthrie
Ward 1 Councillors Dan Gibson and Bob Bell
Ward 2 Councillors James Gordon and Rodrigo Goller
Ward 3 Councillors Phil Allt and June Hofland
Ward 4 Councillors Christine Billings and Mike Salisbury
Ward 5 Councillors Leanne Piper and Cathy Downer
Ward 5 Councillors Mark MacKinnon and Dominique O’Rourke

Start reviewing the voting results from the 2018-2002 term of Guelph City Council below