Labour Celebrates Work and Politics at First In-Person Picnic Since 2019

The hot dogs were grilled, the music was folksy, and the political takes were hot. Maybe it was just the thrill of having a Labour Day picnic again after two forced delays during the pandemic,… More

Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #14

It’s election season here in Guelph! The nominations are open for this fall’s Municipal Election, and interested residents are filing their papers to run for positions as mayor, for city council and for a spot… More

2022 Candidate Questionnaires

Click on one of the names below to see each candidate’s response to the Guelph Politico questionnaire for the 2022 Municipal Election. (An [X] denotes the incumbent for each position.) *Questionnaires will be published as… More

OP-ED: Democracy Guelph Still Not Dissuaded from Supporting 12-Person Council

For the past 30 years or so Guelph has had 12 part-time city councillors. During that time the population of Guelph has increased from roughly 88,000 to 135,000, an almost 50 per cent increase. As… More

Citizen Groups’ Poll on Council Make-Up: Keep 2 Councillors Per Ward

At a special council meeting on Thursday night, Guelph City Council will vote on their own make-up for the 2022-26 term. The staff recommendation is to change council composition to eight full-time councillors, one from… More